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Calibur11 Vaults

3D Armored Gaming Cases

The demand for accessories that will protect, enhance performance, and uniquely customize for a better aesthetic design is evident. The Calibur11 research and development team is answering that demand, with its unique patented, first to market vault systems.

If you take your gaming seriously and have what it takes to be a pro-gamer, then the Calibur11 Vault is waiting for you. This gear will make you stand out from the rest.

Choose from a variety of colors & styles:
  • Vampire Red
  • Nuclear Green
  • Villain Black
  • Urban Blue
  • Grayzilla
  • Gundam White
  • MLG Vault (DigiCamo color with LED Apocalypse Head)

Coming Soon:
  • Gears of War Vault: All new completely interactive Gears of War 3 experience. The Gears of War Vault dynamically glows crimson red every time you are downed by an enemy, informing you to recover and get back into action.
  • Apocalypse Vault: Everything you need to survive an apocalypse is included in this accessory pack. Featuring industrial hardware and supplies, it gives your console a rugged exterior that even the most dangerous outlanders would envy.
  • Mercenary Vault: When it comes to getting the job done, there is no pack better equipped for the career mercenary. Never be left without ammo, always be ready to reload on the go. When the going gets tough and you need an exit, you can count on your friend the claymore.
  • PS3 Base Vault: The first of its kind, the PS3 Base Vault from Calibur11. A perfect start to your customized 3D gaming experience. Choose from any of the six Base Vault colors.
  • Custom Nameplates: Customize your own name plate to show off the true you. Choose from ten background templates and customize it further by adding your own tag line in the font and color of your choice.


Promotes cooling for optimal performance.

The engineering team at Calibur11 has spent extra time to ensure your console with Vault on it will not suffer from heat exhaustion. As a matter of fact the Vault actually provides superior airflow by lifting it off the ground giving the fan the ability to do its job better.

Better stability and footing with chassis support.

Keeping the Xbox 360 Slim stable when standing it up is a challenge, for this reason exactly we designed the chassis. The chassis not only looks cool but snaps the vault securely in place around the Xbox 360 slim providing that much needed stability. The chassis also has neoprene on the base to keep your Xbox 360 Slim in its original place so no one can bump it off the counter, including the cat!

Docking and cradle accessories for organization.

Want to know where to put that headset or controller? Not on the floor for someone to step on but in the cool looking utility cradle Calibur11 has designed for you. The Utility cradle was specifically designed for the official Xbox 360 controller but can also hold your expensive gaming headset. No longer will you be looking for your gear, it's right next to the system you are about to enter battle with.

Vault bodies provide better console protection.

Why do I need console protection you ask? Why not? You go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a system that you spend a lot of time on. You deserve, no, the system deserves to be protected. We here at Calibur11 have heard too many times of people dropping stuff on them, scratching stuff in them, or spilling stuff on them…is this the way to treat your gateway to fun? Make a statement, protect your system and while you are at it show off how cool it is with the vault on.

Endless possibilities of customization to suit your unique style.

You know who you are better than anyone else out there so why not display it on the one thing you spend most of your time on? With the Vault from Calibur11 you can define your gaming style to convey to the world what kind of gamer you are, not to mention make the room look that much cooler.

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